Editorial Review Process

We adopt the following review processes and principles to ensure our publications are of insightful, fair view, timely and well supported:

Content Creation

We have set up general rules for our writer(s) to follow, these are evaluated by the editor during review and appropriate corrections are made before publication. Some of these are:

  • Original content and no plagiarism
  • Attribution wherever required, such as in case of quote from other writer(s) or publication
  • Clearly placed reference(s) to source where information is taken from publicly available information
  • Insightful articles, rather than a clickbait with Title/Image/Meta data of post(s)
  • Provide readers with the necessary links/screenshot to relevant information as evidence or for further reading/deeper understanding

Content Moderation

  • All articles are subject to the review process by the editorial team, before publication. We have an editorial team who comes with the necessary knowledge and experience in the subject matter discussed. This is also put in practice with technological control that individual author(s) cannot publish articles by themselves. The following additional checks are also performed:
    • Fact check
    • Relevance of article
    • No personal attack, rather evidence based insights
  • As Accounting, Tax & Finance related technical issues can be complex depending on the facts and circumstances, we also advise our readers to seek professional advice where necessary.

Content Update

  • We perform regular updates on article to keep the information relevant, or add link to the more recent development in previously published piece
  • We welcome feedback from readers should there be any facts in the articles not correctly reflected, via various ways, such as email. Where applicable, we will reflect on the correction within the next 3 working days. Our website also clearly mentions individual article update date and time.

Policies for Ethics, Standards and Corrections

  1. Where appropriate, we encourage our authors to express their opinion on the articles written by them as part of their right to freedom of speech. Where the article provides the author’s personal opinion, we will always state the fact clearly. It is our policy to differentiate between the author’s personal opinion from other hard facts or data included in the articles.
  2. Where relevant, our policy is to always reveal the sources of information, facts and data, unless by doing so may put the source in potential harms. This policy ensures that we are transparent in providing the information and facts included in the article.
  3. We remain objective in providing the accurate, fair and relevant content to the readers. Where the subject matter in the article is written or published as part of sponsorship or relationship to the subject matter, we will communicate this fact to the readers in a clear and transparent manner.
  4. Our headlines, introductions and leads reflect the content of the publication (News/Tech Articles/Opinion). Our policy is not to put inaccurate and misleading headlines as clickbaits.
  5. When accuracy and mistakes are identified, correction is made within the next 3 working days. This includes where corrections in the social media platforms are required.
  6. Where we may open the community discussion platforms for readers to have an open and transparent discussion, we uphold the principles of respect and integrity in such platforms. Any comments and discussion which touches on gender, race, religion, political and other types of discrimination will be removed where necessary. We reserved the right for such removal when necessary.